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Info Marina

Keep Stable against Informatino Wave!

Info Marina is a ticker-type RSS reader with web-based contents viewer.

You can enjoy laying out your RSS collection like a newspaper. It supports effective skimming and scanning of information you need. You can feel free to cherry-pick articles without fear of stacks of UNREADs.

Web-based viewer comes side by side to see the full contents of the article.
Articles can also be opened in your favorite web browser if you prefer, so it can be a good companion with your ordinary web surfing.

Organize an information map

Info Marina organizes RSS feeds at locations you like on your lists. It enables fast skimming and scanning for certain kinds of information in usual areas. For example, your can arrange the layout so that most interesting web sites' articles always come upper areas, and less interesting feeds come lower areas regardress of its update frequency. This makes an information map to reflect your preferences more intuitively. You can find it helpful to walk through your own information world.

Enjoy cherry-picking

It is sometimes unconfortable that lots of UNREAD articles pile up in front of you. This app may eases pressure from ever-updating information flood. UNREAD feeds don't be stacked, and just keep updating in its area. Let it flow and cherry-pick only what you like.

Good friend with your favorite browser

Although it has built-in web viewer just besides RSS lists, your favorit web browser could be a good friend with it. You can not only share contents with others via usual sharnig sheet, but also always open contents in your favorite browsers if you prefer. This functionality is suitable for aligning windows side by side, or of cource by Split View provided by macOS. You can make use of browser's native capabilities along with this app.