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Fun Tasking

Confortable To-Do List + Multiple timers

Fun Tasking is an easy, friendly, organized and perspective To-Do list. It aims for focusing on actions based on the concept of GTD (Get Things Done).

It is suitable especially for who are annoying to keep their task management tools with a lot of complicated rules. It is simple and easy, but fine organized and effective for your every activities like business, study, housework, hobby, etc.

To-Do List with Broader Perspective

Fun Tasking provides wider view on only one flat hierarchy to see all your tasks at a grance. You don't have to drill down groups further to disclose hidden tasks. This wider and broader viewpoint helps you to keep your mind always comprehensive and universal.

Fine-Organized Arrangement of Lists

It suggests fine arranged form for grouping tasks. Five groups (rules) are applied in a characteristic manner. You can recognize task's priorities seeing vertically. Also you can recognize the kinds of tasks seeing horizontally. This characteristic arrangement enables you to keep your brain clear and organized.

Confortable, Continuable and Confidentable

You can easily find out how to use the app from the first time you see it. It doesn't require any difficult operations for every day
usase. For example, finishid tasks disappear after 24 hours later automatically. You can easily see both To-Do and To-be-Done tasks together to recognize your progress. Chart view displays the summary of your completions. These comfortable functionnalitis will help you to avoid discouraged to keep track of all your tasks. The more you continue to use this app, the more you will be clear-minded and confident about your productivity!